For Whom The Toll House Bells

Well, that just makes no sense.  I’ll start again.

We returned to Mrs. K’s Toll House (9201 Colesville) last night for dinner, and we still like it and don’t find it particularly “strange” as Tom Sietsema describes it this weekend. The restaurant is old, maybe better to say long-standing, and could be stodgy — I think some people expect it to be — but isn’t, including the food.  Mrs. Me liked the pasta whose sauce Mr. Sietsema described as wallpaper paste. Make of that what you will.

He is right about a number of things, though: the chorizo croquettes are good (we got them on a previous visit); crabcakes are large and crabby with almost no filler; the filet mignon and salmon were big hits with our dining companions who had not been to K’s before. Angus beef sliders were tasty although the meat was a little overcooked. We always sit in the wine-cellary basement, great ambience down there, cozy without being crowded, they did a fine job in the 2008 remodel making the space seem older and more authentic than it really is.

We also continue to enjoy the service, which in our experience is friendly, efficient, knowledgable; last night they worked with us to find a wine we all enjoyed, a 2000 Chateu Mondorion bordeaux, at non-outrageous price ($45, about a 100% markup, very reasonable by modern restaurant standards).

Mrs. K’s will never be hip or trendy, like say the new 8407, but it remains one of the nicest restaurants in this neck of the MoCo. And the downstairs is pretty cool, if you like Napa and that kind of thing. Which we do.


3 responses to “For Whom The Toll House Bells

  1. See my comment to the previous post re Mr. Sietsema’s review of Mrs K’s. I think he blew this one – I honestly can’t believe that The Monocle is better than Mrs K’s, I really can’t. Sure you can make fun of Mrs K’s twee-ness (as I did in my Yelp review), but the overall dining experience is a good one, and rates as one of my favorites in the area.

  2. I’m going with Sietsema on this one and I don’t always agree with him. I was very unimpressed with the food and the service at Mrs. K’s. In fact, while there for brunch (over priced and not very good or interesting), our table was cleared while we visited the buffet. That’s just plain ridiculous if you ask me.

  3. Hmm. That kind of experience is no fun, especially at those prices. Were you sitting upstairs or down? Might make a difference in service, the downstairs staff seems to have it together, and our server downstairs has been our server each of our three visits over the past two years, she told us she is always downstairs so I don’t think there is a rotation. Also, we’ve never been for brunch, always for dinner. I know they’re known for brunch, but maybe the brunch has become a victim of its own success?

    It is fairly normal for restaurant staff to clear plate #1 while you go back for buffet plate #2, the expectation being that you’re done with what you have or you wouldn’t be going back, and that you’ll need a place to put plate #2. But maybe I’m misinterpreting your situation?

    I just checked out your blog — love the design. And your latest post has me wanting to join a CSA..

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