Wednesday News Roundup

Everything we know we learned from the Wheaton Gazette…

MoCo council got an earful Thursday about the zoning text amendment that would allow Costco to bypass environmental review for the gas station they want to install as part of their proposed store at Wheaton Mall. Council will make its decision about the amendment this summer. Assuming they say no to the amendment and yes to normal environmental review, the Costco deal may still not be dead, but they’re sure talking like that would kill the deal.

Interesting history behind Silver Spring’s Fire Station 1 brewpub location, opening this week.

More beer and wine for sale in Kensington? Referendum set for June 7.

Is it just me or do the Gazette restaurant reviewers visit Rockville/Gaithersburg disproportionately to everywhere else in MoCo?  Despite that, nice to hear about a possibly good Russian spot — quality post-Soviet eats are scarce around here.


One response to “Wednesday News Roundup

  1. It’s not just you … it seems like the Gazette never reviews Wheaton places.

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