Los Chorros

Armed with our Groupon, we visited Los Chorros (2420 Blueridge) for lunch; as with Dusit, we had not been to LC for years. The restaurant has operated since 1989. I had forgotten how hidden it is, down a short stairway into a building that shares a backside with Woomi Garden.  First there is a sort of antechamber with some chairs and a huge television, which must be coming in handy this month; the main dining room is to the left, through a doorway. The color scheme is Russell Hoban pastels, like Suporn Thai, but with (sparse but effective) Mexican/Salvadoran accents. It was not crowded for Saturday lunch.

The menu is huge, mixing Salvadoran and Mexican dishes. Had to try a pupusa, and it was very good, fluffy, not at all greasy, with plenty of jalapeno and queso inside. I asked for enchiladas verdes (beef inside, tomatillo sauce) and got enchiladas Monterey (cheese inside, red sauce), close enough not to bother sending back, and they were average, perfectly acceptable, and the frijoles were delicious, made from black beans — LC serves Mex-Mex, not Tex-Mex, so my expectations for the beans weren’t as high as sometimes, yet these were among the best I’ve had in the area.  Rice was alas white and bland with a few peas and carrot cubes mixed in.

Most dishes seem to be simply prepared — that’s a good thing — and in large but not enormous portions — also a good thing. Mrs. Me’s burrito was fat and cheesy and “fine”; our dining companion’s flautas looked great and, reportedly, were indeed tasty.

Diet Coke was well-balanced and served in a fun large cocktail glass with a lime. I like that kind of touch. Music added atmosphere at low decibels, and conversation was easy, a rarity in Wheaton Latino hotspots. Overall, the food is fine but nothing special, although next time we eat there we will branch out into some of the specialty sections of the menu, which I suspect will be more rewarding than the enchilada/burrito standards.  I wonder what the atmosphere will be like when Mexico plays France on Thursday afternoon?


5 responses to “Los Chorros

  1. Really enjoying your blog. I’m a friend/co-worker of Mrs. Me’s….just moved from Capitol Hill to Silver Spring and am looking forward to trying your suggestions! Have you ever reviewed Udupi Palace? It’s a vegetarian Indian place, in, I think, College/Takoma Park? I’ve heard it’s the best Indian in the DC area, from a native of India no less, but am curious what you think!

  2. Thanks Alyson! Udupi is good, though we go to sister restaurant Tiffin instead due to our carnivorousness (Udupi is veggie only). Search the blog for my recent Tiffin review and also check out the comments for a couple of Silver Spring Indian food recommendations.

  3. If you’re near downtown Silver Spring then definitely check out Ghar-E-Kebab on Wayne Ave. They offer Indian and Nepalese dishes and everything we’ve tried has been consistently good. They also deliver to the neighborhoods near downtown and their service has always been prompt. Check out their reviews on Yelp for more comments.

  4. I’ll second that for Ghar-E-Kebab. It’s really good. And, they deliver to Wheaton!

  5. Thanks for the tip on delivery to Wheaton, I may have to act on that pretty soon. G-E-K has a nice website too, with electronic ordering even. Very nice.

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