Farewell Udupi?

Apropos of all our recent Indian food discussion, SoCo Eats is reporting that Udupi Palace (1329 University in Takoma Park/Langley Park) l0st its lease and may close by the end of June.  I guess that will end the Udupi-versus-Tiffin debate on a note sourer than a vat of mango pickles (which are actually “sweet” at Udupi but you get the point).  The Udupi-Tiffin strip malls are Indian central, I wonder what will move into the space? I hope that doesn’t also mean the end of Tiffin (owned by the Udupi folks) may be nigh.  I guess we would all have to learn to love Ghar-E-Kebab and Bombay Gaylord (not a bad fate, but I would miss Tiffin).


5 responses to “Farewell Udupi?

  1. Oooh, better make plans to eat at Updupi very soon!

  2. I always liked Woodlands better than Udupi anyways.

    It’s right across the street.

    Haven’t been to Tiffin.

  3. Thanks for the comment. I’ve never been to Woodlands (another vegetarian place). I’m sure they will benefit from Udupi’s absence, though hopefully that won’t cause them to slack off qualitatively.

  4. How about Bombay in White Oak? It’s underrated. It’s not strictly vegetarian, but as a vegetarian, I always find plenty to eat.


    Plus I think the service is really good too.

  5. Thanks Chris, someone else also recommended Bombay apropos of an even earlier post — I clearly need to try it sometime. Kind of out of the way for me, but I suppose not much worse than Tiffin (the traffic around Univ/NH kills me).

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