Zombie Safeway: 182 Days Held Hostage

Today is the six-month anniversary of Wheaton Safeway’s closing.  The “Coming Soon” banner announcing the new Safeway/14 stories of apartments complex has been up since April; meanwhile, Zombie Safeway lurks, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting passersby.  How soon is soon? Why did we have to lose our Safeway — admittedly not the best of its kind, but convenient, and employing people, and adding some small but greater-than-zero level of grungy vibrancy to the area — when nothing was going to happen for so long, and no demolition seems imminent?

Zombie Safeway

Zombie Safeway

This is getting irritating. Someone needs to start demo before the Zombie Safeway eats all our brains, having developed a taste for them by apparently eating the ones of various people at MoCo and Wheaton and the developer. I would start demo myself, I have a hammer, but I don’t want to cause unrest…I just want things to happen.


7 responses to “Zombie Safeway: 182 Days Held Hostage

  1. I completely agree, and was wondering the same thing. Why did they have to shutter the Safeway so soon it needed to be? Now I’m going to Snider’s instead, which is less convenient during rush hour but not such a bad thing.

    • I live fairly close to Snider’s and sort of have a love/hate relationship with it. On the one hand I love how quickly they move people through the check-out lanes there – it’s amazing compared to other stores. On the other hand I hate their parking lot, and I think their selection (partic non-food items) sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Their meats, fish and veggies are usually better quality than those found at Safeway & Giant, but their prices on various things can be a little steep. I don’t even bother with their wine section, which is kind of sad considering they’re one of the few grocery stores permitted to sell wine/beer in MoCo. I avoid it partly it’s because their wine selection is poor and partly because of the insane 3 tier system in MoCo which jacks up the price of any wine (a $13 bottle at Snider’s probably costs $9 or $10 in the District or VA).

      • I always park at the Staples and walk over. Easy in and out and back up Georgia Avenue….

  2. They closed early due to code violations. Since they plan to tear it down anyway, there was no sense in fixing code violations beforehand.

  3. AAaaaarrrgggh….brains at old Wheaton Safeway not as fresh as brains at Giant. Maybe new Safeway brains taste better…

  4. Hmm. Didn’t know about the code violations. Not surprised by code violations. Still irritated, as that Safeway is much more convenient for me than the mall Giant or H Mart for a quick last-minute grocery trip. Still wish the tearing down would begin already…

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