Out and About in Wheaton

Every cafe or bar in Wheaton that has a television, which is nearly all of them, is showing Copa Mundial on UnivisionHD at deafening volume today, but none is more into it than Irene’s III Sky Bar:

Copa Mundial at Irene's

Copa Mundial @Irene'sIII Skybar

The pageantry! It’s a Latino futbol paradise today with Brazil-Portugal this morning (0-0 yellowcardfest) and Spain-Chile starting momentarily. I can only imagine the bedlam at Irene’s on a Mexico gameday, or especially if El Salvador ever makes the Cup.

Elsewhere in Wheaton, Nava received a fresh seafood shipment:

Nava seafood delivery

Nava Seafood Delivery

I doubt the truck really drove all the way from Siam though. (!)

Up on Ennals, the strip mall that El Pollo Rico burned down in February 2008 is just about ready for business again, the structure looks done, for-lease signs are up, and the parking lot is being paved:

Paving @ Ennals/Viers Mill

Paving @ Ennals/Viers Mill

A Salvation Army used to be on the corner, and though the SA does good work and comes in handy sometimes (hello $2 t-shirts!), I’m hoping for something more interesting this time.

Off now to water the lawn, then watch Chile-Spain from the comfort of my own couch, armed with empanadas from Caramelo Bakery (about which more soon) and Diet Coca-Cola. O happy Friday off from work!

5 responses to “Out and About in Wheaton

  1. Any chance of Ranger Surplus returning?

  2. I would guess the new rents will be too high for Ranger Surplus to return, but you never know. I have no idea if any of the space is spoken for yet. It seems like a pretty good location to me, better (i.e. more accessible and with more random foot traffic) than the strip where El Pollo Rico lives and DeJaBel didn’t survive, for example. Just hope there aren’t more Peruvian chicken or Latino minimarts moving in — not that those things are bad, just that Ennalls is already beyond saturated.

  3. This shopping center looks similar to the one where Anchor Inn used to be. Is it the same landlord? If so, he owns alot of properties in Wheaton and is making it hard for small businesses to survive.

    I agree…how many chicken places do we need?


  4. I have it on good authority that the Salvation Army store will not return. They have a huge store in Hyattsville, where the rents are a lot lower and the selection of goods i really a thrift-shopper’s delight, especially for furniture.

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