Caramelo Bakery

Caramelo (11301 Georgia) has, I’m pretty sure, been in Wheaton a lot longer than I have, but this was my first visit. They sell baked goods from various Central and South American countries, but my first priority was our beloved Argentine medialunas, uniquely addictive little pastries. I didn’t see anything exactly like the ones we had in Mendoza, but they do have sugar-frosted croissanty-looking things that I’m sure are quite edible.

Priority two: empanadas, and Caramelo’s chicken and beef empanadas are best I have had in North America, savory stewed chicken or ground beef with peas, and the beef also had bits of boiled egg, all stuffed into dough pockets and expertly fried.  About the size of an iPhone but plumper, a good value at $1.50.

Caramelo Bakery Empanadas

Caramelo Bakery Empanadas

(Yes, I know the image is out of focus, I am a rotten photographer but I am trying to post more photos here anyway)

Mrs. Me had requested tres leches but my brain somehow translated that as “flan” so that’s what we had for dessert tonight, and it was pretty good, not my favorite texture in general but I do like the caramel sauce. If you like flan, you will probably like this flan, especially at $2 for a piece maybe 4″ x 4″. Low prices, high quality, our kind of place.  Lots of other baked goods are available, mostly sweets, which fill a glass cabinet on one wall; we look forward to trying some along with more empanadas and tres leches, assuming I don’t buy churros or chapulines or something by accident.

This is a different Caramelo Bakery. Wheaton’s CB has no website as far as I know.

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