Wheaton Thai Restaurant Prices

A recent comment suggesting Ruan is less expensive than Nava didn’t mesh with my own experience, and prompted me to do a little price study among those two plus Suporn and Dusit. I am using online menus — for Dusit, which has no website of its own, I am using Foodler — so there could be errors or outdated information, beyond any errors I make on my own.  Also, Thai food is incredibly diverse, and there is only so much overlap among all four menus, so it can be tough to compare many dishes. Also, portion sizes may slightly vary, though in my experience all four restaurants are quite close in this regard, except in terms of soup portions, so I’m skipping the tom kha gai. Also, Suporn’s online menu seems to be missing a bunch of sections.

Also, never start a land war in Asia, and never choose the wine in front of me.

With those caveats in mind, here are a few comparisons:

Som Tum Papaya Salad:  Suporn $8 — Dusit $7.50 — Nava $6.95 — Ruan $5.95

Pad Thai:  Dusit $10.95 — Nava $9.95 — Ruan $9.95 — (not listed on Suporn site but I know they have it, and I bet they charge about ten bucks!)

Kaprow!:  Suporn $9.95 (beef) — Ruan $12.95 (duck) — Nava $11.95 (duck) — Dusit $11.95 (duck)

Panang curry: Ruan $9.95 — Dusit $10.25 — Nava $9.95

Ruan has several catfish dishes at $11.95; Nava has a half-dozen tilapia dishes at $12.95.  That’s just a handful of examples, but prices look pretty comparable and even identical in some cases, again assuming the online menus are current. So I don’t think it is rational to decide which of these fine establishments to visit based on price. Let ambiance and especially personal taste be your guide!  I will continue to rank Nava above all others, but they’re all good, and reasonable palates can disagree (and it sounds from various comments like Nava is not best for vegetarians/vegans, a point I am not qualified to address).


One response to “Wheaton Thai Restaurant Prices

  1. I just wanted to chime in and voice my agreement that I formerly favored Ruan Thai over the others, but Nava Thai really trumps it. The others are good (though honestly I can’t imagine ever going to Suporn with the other three nearby), but Nava Thai is just so consistently excellent and has dishes the others don’t (the floating market noodle soup being the obvious one).

    One concern I have about Nava Thai is about the way that building seems to have been cursed over the years. After Sir Walter Raleigh closed years and years ago, it seems like several restaurants came and went in that space and were never able to really survive. The fact that Nava Thai keeps part of the restaurant dark and added a sushi bar (which seems like a gimmick in an otherwise straight-up Thai restaurant) makes me a little concerned. Do you think they’re in a comfortable position financially? They seem to get good press and never seem empty when I go in there, but the fact that so many places have failed in that location always makes me a little worried about my favorite Thai restaurant in the area.

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