Wheaton Giant Cart Escort Policy Flips Again

At the end of this morning’s trip to the Wheaton mall Giant, my bagger said she was supposed to escort me to my car so she could bring back my cart. I said, that’s funny, that was the policy for a while this spring, and then the policy disappeared and the usual parking lot cart return shanties returned. She said someone from corporate visited the store a couple of weeks ago, noticed the cart-escorting wasn’t happening, and apparently demanded the policy be conducted as planned by Giant central command. She didn’t seem too happy about it, and I wouldn’t either if it meant I kept having to leave my nice air-conditioned store to push carts around in the 90+ degree parking lot.

It doesn’t matter to me personally, though I feel a little silly being escorted; seems like that could be an option for those who want it rather than a requirement. Every other grocery store seems to do just fine with the cart corrals out amongst the cars. Maybe too many carts were being stolen? Maybe Giant is trying to do its part for the economy by having extra employees? I’m trying to think of why the policy is of any tangible benefit. Just seems odd.

In citrus news, limes were 3 for $1, lovely green, mostly good quality, bearing “Product of Mexico” stickers. I think Mexico is the source of almost all limes sold in the U.S. — I wonder if that is true for H Mart too?  Limes there have stabilized at ten for $1 lately, not quite as consistently nice as the Giant limes were this morning, but plenty good enough at that price. We seem to have survived this winter’s lime panic just fine.


4 responses to “Wheaton Giant Cart Escort Policy Flips Again

  1. I agree…. I’m not a fan of being escorted to my car at Giant. It is very awkward!

  2. Thanks for explaining this policy to me! When the guy last week asked me if I needed help to my car, I said no. And then he said it was the new policy to walk me to my car, and that he’s “get in trouble if he didn’t”. He didn’t explain that it was to get the cart back…so I was so puzzled. Being obviously pregnant, I thought “It’s your new policy to escort pregnant women to their cars?” That’s the only thing I could come up with! (I said no, BTW.)

  3. Driving along University at Georgia perhaps a 1/4 mile from the Giant, I saw a poor soul dragging one of the new wheeled handbaskets home.
    I admit, it does make a nice laundry cart.
    As for the hand-holding cart escorting pollicy, it’s nice when it rains b/c they cover you with an umbrella !

  4. Hmmm..when I was there last week the teenager bagging said they needed to escort me to the door, which I thought was odd….I’m pretty sure I don’t seem like a criminal!

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