Ella’s Pizza and a Good News Day

The trouble with Groupons is they pile up and, with safety in numbers, start to taunt you; evidently buying them is easier than using them. So we figured we’d better use one, and that is how we ended up at Ella’s Pizza (on 9th between F and G at Gallery Place) last night for dinner. It was good as always, but I erred in branching out and trying the Lombardi, with caramelized onions and (not enough) gorgonzola. My crust was undercooked, too, as though the oven could only stand so much. It wasn’t bad, but Mrs. Me’s pepperoni pizza, on the other hand, was crisp and blistered and delicious as always (she allowed me to trade one piece of mine for one piece of hers, thank goodness). The lesson: always, always, always get the pepperoni. We also tried the orange and strawberry salad, which we liked, especially the almonds, but it was on the skimpy side.

In other news:

  • Dog Bites Man, Then Bites Burgers (i.e., the AP is finally catching on to the trend)
  • WaPo food section visits the Supreme Court cafeteria and gives them a serious benchslap — perhaps they felt the sandwiches were too activist?  This is surprising in light of the Court cafeteria’s recent remodel and alleged upgrade. I say stick to the grilled cheese and fries and you’ll be fine.
  • I am obsessed with food but Jenny Rosenstrach has me beat (and is giving me ideas…).

And the Wall Street Journal discusses the new National Registry of Picky Eating — we know lots of kids (and cats) who are picky and usually grow out of it, but this is a study of rarer, and more interesting, finicky adults. If you’re over 18 and picky, you can participate in the survey! I don’t even remotely qualify, despite my texture issues (tapioca, raisins), but I look forward to seeing the study results someday.


3 responses to “Ella’s Pizza and a Good News Day

  1. Do we know if the SCOTUS cafeteria will be appealing this decision by the WP? Personally, I tend to stick to their Frankfurter or their Burger – it’s what they’re known for.

  2. Where can they appeal? It is the highest cafeteria in the land! Okay, maybe there is a cafeteria in Humboldt County, Cal. that’s higher…

    Nice with the puns. I guess Blackmuned Catfish is too much of a stretch. Breyer’s ice cream for dessert of course.

  3. Yes, there’s a long list of justice related food puns – I didn’t even get to Salmon P. Chase or the wonderfully named John McLean (do they even sell the McLean anymore?).

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