The blog will be on hiatus for the next week or so. Congress takes a month, I think I get at least a week, especially after 48 hours without power (I feel the pain of anyone still powerless).

Meanwhile, MoCo Planning Board holds a public hearing tomorrow night on the Wheaton CBD and Sector Plan amendment, go forth and testify, or sit at home in (if your Pepco overlords have blessed you) air conditioned bliss and watch the proceedings via live webstream. In related news, one more step toward further redevelopment around Wheaton metro.

Oh yeah, eatin’. I hadn’t realized the Red Dog Cafe had closed — they had great macaroni’n’cheese pizza but clearly had some issues — but maybe the Daily Dish, newly opened in the former RDC space, will be good.  The Gazette likes it. The menu seems exactly like RDC, including the mac’n’cheese pizza. Has the old Dog been taught new tricks?  No mention of Red Dog in the “About” page of the new website.  Same owners? New staff? Such details oddly missing from the Gazette article.  Things that make you go hmmmmm

Also, DC law firm Steptoe & Johnson wants fine local hamburger purveyor Rogue States to stop infesting their workplace with fumes and odors, as reported by the Legal Times.  Injunctive relief alert! This seems backwards to me: if anything Steptoe should be paying RS a fee in exchange for the pleasure of delicious, tantalizing burgerific smells wafting throughout the building.

All for now.


3 responses to “Recess!

  1. Hi — the Daily Dish is owned by Jackie of the restaurant Jackie’s in Silver Spring.

  2. Thanks! Was Red Dog also?

  3. No, it was another owner — I met him but can’t remember his name!

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