Good Chattin’ Re: Wheaton

You’d think Metro could have one of Wheaton’s escalators working during the evening rush…

Someone (not me, though it looks like something I would say) made a nice argument in favor of Wheaton’s eatin’ in today’s Tom Sietsema chat:

“I’ve lived in the District and in MoCo, and think I get better, more interesting ethnic food in Montgomery County. Just head over to Wheaton (where I live) and you can find top-rate bangers and mash or fish and chips at Royal Mile, fantastic sushi a couple of blocks away at Moby Dick, unbelievable Thai food at both Nava Thai and Ruan Thai and to die for Chinese food at Hollywood East. And in each restaurant, you’ll people of all ethnicities.”

The poster was defending the ‘burbs against some comments made in Tom’s Sunday review by Againn Tavern (12256 Rockville Pike) owner Mark Weiss, whose idea of what suburbanites want to eat is…well, I’m sure it applies to plenty of people, but maybe not too many Wheaton (or East MoCo at large) eaters.  I think he’s been suckered by the Silver Spring Red Lobster. Anyway, we’re not surburban, we’re feral urban.

Speaking of Ruan, I think Mrs. Me is bringing me some now…


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