Goodbye Recess, Helloooo Costco

And we’re back, at least as long as Pepco keeps the power on.

They may not be passing (out) gas — subject to environmental review! — but Costco is a-comin’ to Wheaton Mall. I was just forwarded an email from Westfield Wheaton GM Matt Barry that says in part:

“Costco has signed to come to Westfield Wheaton Shopping Center/Plaza. They will open here in Fall 2011 or Spring 2012. This will create great economic impact for Wheaton and we expect multiple other tenants to sign shortly.”

Good? Bad? For traffic or for residents or for Wheaton’s coffers?  Wait and see. Yes, I know this has already been reported, but I think nothing had been signed and official until now. Meanwhile, I might be more excited about a PG Wegman’s.

More soon, including Seattle trip report and further DC burger discussion. And, hopefully, some Wheaton eatin’.


3 responses to “Goodbye Recess, Helloooo Costco

  1. Welcome back! I’m actually heading out to Seattle and Olympic National Park on labor day weekend, so I’m looking forward to hearing about what you did while you were there.

  2. Thanks! Have you been out there before? You will loooove the Olympic peninsula, I’m jealous you get to go there! I never seem to make it when I visit Seattle. Many fun childhood family vacations spent at Lake Quinalt.

    In a day or three I will post the rundown of our latest Seattle food highlights, but in addition to that, I’ll say for sure you should visit both Pike Place Market and Uwajimaya (more about that later), and if you’re interested in cutting edge restauranting, see if you can get into Sitka and Spruce ( — we didn’t go there but based on input from various people it is currently both the most loved and most hated gourmet dining experience in Seattle. I’d love to see your review of that place! Maybe try Tilth in Greenlake ( for a more reliable gourmet experience. And ya gotta try a Dick’s Deluxe, classic Seattle fast food burger..

  3. Wow, thanks for all the great recommendations! I’ll definitely bring that list with us. It’s my first time to this area of the country. Our time in Seattle will be limited to just about 2 days since we’re mostly focusing on Olympic and maybe a little Rainier hiking (we’ll be there 2 weeks). Thanks again!

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