Montgomery County Fair

Yeah, I missed it. Again. There’s always next year. I love seeing the animals, from livestock to bunnies (and especially the Giant Bunny Rodeo traditionally held at midnight on the first day), at the fair, and as a ribbon-winning banana bread baker from Washington State Fairs gone by (thankyewww, 4-H — notice I didn’t specify what sort of ribbon), I will always have a soft spot for the fair.  What’s Up Wheaton? had a nice time. The food sounds pretty good, too, with more variety than the old days (my banana bread was for showin’ not eatin’!) of corn dogs and elephant ears and cotton candy and little else.  Not that there’s anything wrong with corn dogs…


2 responses to “Montgomery County Fair

  1. I went to the fair…5 dollars to park. 10 dollars to get in x3 people. That’s $35 just to get in. 5 bucks for a corn dog, rides are between 2-4 dollars per person, per ride. Well, what can I say…the fair is a good time….yeah good if you are the profiteer!

    What a rip off. I’ll never make the mistake of taking my family there again!

  2. Yup, not cheap, but no worse than the absolute minimum cost to go to a Nationals game, and much more interactive. I’d go to more Nats games if they had livestock roaming the concourses…

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