Surrounded by Hamburgers

Are cupcakes passé yet? Please? Hamburgers, on the other hand, cannot possibly ever be overexposed.

Shake Shack is coming to DC, specifically 1216 18th Street NW (Dupont Circle area), in 2011.  This will put them in direct, delicious competition — just 1.5 blocks away — with Rogue States.  Perhaps SS will avoid a situation like the current legal brouhaha between RS and Steptoe & Johnson, who still have not resolved the issue of smoke and odors from RS’s ventilation system.

Just north of the Circle, additional burger options include BGR (1514 Connecticut) and, of course, Five Guys (1645 Connecticut), who are beefing up their path to global domination: 5G has 630 outlets in 41 states plus Canada and expect to have 775 stores in operation by the end of 2010, according to a recent article in Nation’s Restaurant News (avail only to subscribers online).  Must sound crazy to those who remember when they were just a several (or single, if you really have a good memory) outlet local chain. The NRN article also notes that “the better-burger market is filling rapidly” — I’ll say!  Better burgers than cupcakes.

That’s not even to mention Good Stuff or Z Burger, both of which I have not tried due to inconvenient locations (neither downtown nor Dupont nor Wheaton/Silver Spring), but at this rate it can’t be long until they open Dupont locations (I know GS plans more outlets, not sure where).  Meanwhile, in Wheaton we “settle” for the Royal Mile burger which really isn’t settling at all because it is quite good, but more of a commitment (of time if not $$) than these other gourmet-but-still-fast-food options.  I’d like to do a taste test with all of the above, but I’m not sure I can handle the truth, at least not in a single sitting.

And if you think I’m burger-crazy (mad cow maybe?), check this out.  Or this.

5 responses to “Surrounded by Hamburgers

  1. Sounds like you’re rallying the troops for another taste-test. Of course the problem with burgers is that they are at their best when they are fresh and hot, while with the italian subs it was fine to buy them all and then gather at a location later in the day to do the side-by-side tasting (except for the Litteri’s which didn’t survive the 2hr wait!).

    Still, I’m sure we can figure out a way to sample a few burgers and give them an honest taste test, after all, someone’s gotta do it! In the meantime I’ll keep watching the skies for the bat-signal — when I see the sign I’ll know its time to jump into the taste-test-mobile and visit random restaurants in the metro area.

  2. Have you gone for Quarry House’s burger or the Hell burger at Ray’s the Classics? Why go downtown when you can go to DTSS!

    If you are going to go downtown I would highly recommend Palena Cafe’s burger, That’s an AMAZING burger.

  3. Thanks Lisa, I agree, Palena’s burger is amazing (as are the pickles alongside). I have never been to any Ray’s outlet but want to. Is Quarry House worth it? I’ve only been there once, just for beverages, and it reminded me too much of a college frat basement to want to hurry back…

    • The burger there is EXCELLENT and mondays are 1/2 price burger night. Me and my husband generally get the 1/2 lb burger and split it. It comes with tots and with all the beers there it’s a great meal. They also have excellent half-smokes, if you are into that.

      You can get the Ray’s hell burger in the bar at Ray’s the Classics. They also have a bar menu which offers up some pretty good deals Monday thru Friday (the bar menu is only available then). And the Hell burger is $7, not bad for an excellent burger. My only issue is the bun, it’s brioche, and it’s too soft to stand up to all the juice and weight of the burger, as your getting close to finishing (ie the last 1/3) it’s kind of lost it’s bread quality and is completely soaked in beef juice. I still love it even with the small complaint. And that burger comes with fried mashed potato puffs, which are AMAZING.
      Can’t wait to see a post about it!

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