Blast From The Past: Pillsbury Rollups

My love of food and cooking has been nurtured and developed thanks to many people and experiences over the years, but no question it originated with my Mom. My most vivid childhood cooking memories involve helping her make cookies, banana bread, pancakes, that kind of thing. I don’t remember many specific dinners of my youth, other than a lot of fish, especially salmon (yay!) and red snapper (less yay!). I’m sure there’s more lurking in my brain somewhere, just not thinking of it right now.  Of course I remember the occasional (very occasional) l visit to Herfy’s or Kidd Valley or Kentucky Fried Chicken, or the Swanson’s TV dinners my sister and I got when the parents went out and we had a sitter — what kid doesn’t?  And I also remember a few key comfort food dishes Mom made, foremost among them the Pillsbury Rollup: hot dogs stuffed with cheese and baked inside Pillsbury refrigerator crescent rolls. I’m sure we didn’t have them a lot, but they remain a vivid visual and taste memory, one I decided to recreate tonight.* Many years later, still yum.

Pillsbury Rollups

Pillsbury Rollups

I substituted a banana pepper (plucked from our out-of-control banana pepper plant) for a dog in one of these, and it worked wonderfully; all the cheese leaked out but I scooped the molten escapee (escapees? should cheese splunge be singular or plural? escapement?) back in. Double yum.

* this meal is not in any way sanctioned by Mrs. Me, but she is at Cafe Deluxe with friends, so nanny nanny boo boo.


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