Well Dressed Burrito

Owned by the CF Folks folks, hidden down a Dupont Circle-area alley (hence its nickname “Secret Burrito”), the Well Dressed Burrito is open for lunch only, and worth the trip. They’ve been open more than a decade but I’d never been until recently. Despite being hard to find if you don’t know where to look, it isn’t really a secret anymore, and already was doing a swift business before noon.

My dining compatriot got the eponymous burrito, huge, looked good. One positive theme among all dishes seems to be proportion: in every case, the filling-tortilla-cheese-sauce ratio is spot on.  I tried two daily specials: carnitas enchiladas and chicken empanadas. The enchiladas were good, standard, nothing of particular note; the empanada was sort of a “Mexican” empanada, larger than average, with a soft golden masa dough envelope around the stewed chicken filling, very different from Argentine or other empanadas I’ve had. And really really good. Rice and beans were fine, although they gave me black instead of the refried I ordered, an error undiscovered until too late.  WDB is tiny, and there is nowhere to sit inside, so you take your container of food elsewhere to eat.

The salsa threw me for a loop. It is thick, dark burgundy-brown, with small dice of onion and tomato and pepper, and it doesn’t really taste like what I think of as salsa — it has a distinct, too-strong flavor that I can’t place, maybe more Indian than Mexican, chutney-like. Raisin? Cardamom? Cumin? Overcooked green pepper?  Whatever it was doesn’t ruin the salsa (although I don’t love it) but it does make me too conscious of what the flavors might be, which distracts from simply enjoying the food, which I otherwise did. The enchiladas and especially empanadas needed no salsa nor any other condiment.


2 responses to “Well Dressed Burrito

  1. Well Dressed has been a favorite of mine since late 80s when I worked in the neighborhood. It was always my Monday “go to” for me and a coworker. Not only is the food consistently great.but the Owner (Peggy) is as sweet as can be. My kids always wanted to go there for lunch when they were in the office. Their “hot” salsa was a sure cure for sinus infection

  2. I use to work downtown years ago! I miss this place! Really good food!

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