New Online Sources For Wheaton News

TBD has been running for a month or two and Patch is even newer than that I think.  And Patch already has a bunch of Wheaton-specific stories up, including a half-review, half-news feature on Sergio’s Place, and also a  rave review of Dusit Thai.   Patch also has restaurant listings with good information, though I would disagree with their description of crappy-strip-mall-ensconsed, neon-and-formica-rife Dusit’s atmosphere as “elegant” — nothing wrong with being in a crappy strip mall, in fact that can be a very good sign, but let’s call a dive a dive.

TBD seems to be mostly aggregating other blog/web content, for Wheaton-area stories anyway.  Patch posted a huge amount of Wheaton content yesterday, will be interesting to see daily/weekly volume going forward. Could be a great source of local info. Would also love to know more about their business plans..


5 responses to “New Online Sources For Wheaton News

  1. Have you checked out our community of network bloggers at TBD? Perhaps you could be a good fit in our community as a news source in the Wheaton area. We noted your blog perhaps two months ago and said “Man, we love the name.” Feel free to contact us if interested.

  2. Dave in Wheaton

    I found myself here at GEIW yesterday via a TBD link. Not sure how I feel about TBD yet. Big money backing to sell advertising off the work of local bloggers seems bad. On the other hand, this is the new media landscape – someone finds their way to GEIW who might not have found it on their own. TBD does produce quite a bit of original content – maybe win-win?

    As for Patch’s business model – you can read about it here. They are related to (backed/owned?) AOL-sansTimeWarner. Quality of content so far is questionable. But, since the WaPo mostly ignores Wheaton and the Gazettes are getting less and less localalized maybe this can fill the void?

  3. Thanks Dave. I don’t think I knew AOL still existed! Agreed, Gazette shrinkage and WaPo ignorage has opened the door to more localized content, and if Patch or TBD can help fill it, that would be great. Kudos to AOL for the funding, but I wonder how long they’ll keep it up before throwing in the towel?

  4. and thanks Dan — I’m not interested in playing the advertising game, and I’m more opinion than news anyway. But I wish you guys well and will happily link to Wheaton food-related content you produce.

  5. From what I understand, the advertising is completely opt-in by choice. Also, if you check out the 150 or so blogs in the network, a fair amount of them are also opinion. Might be worth listening to one of our community host’s pitch.

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