Dupont Circle Burger Update

Already surrounded by burgers, Dupont will soon get yet another contender, I was reminded yesterday as I walked past the future home of GO Burger, right across Connecticut from Rogue States.  GO Burger has a fine pedigree, and we will definitely have to do some kind of burger taste test once GO and Shake Shack are both up and running, sometime in 2011.  We can work off the calories by sprinting from GO to Rogue to SS to Five Guys to BGR. Followed by a taxi to Z Burger and then Good Stuff for good measure.  Possibly with a quick angioplasty in between cabs.

But will Rogue States survive to compete with Go and the Shack?  Legal Times BLT blog reports RS may have to close, now that a judge has ordered them to stop emitting burgerrific odors within thirty days. That’s like ordering Metro escalators to stop breaking down, or Adam Dunn not to be large. I hope it’s all just part of the usual legal posturing and RS can hang in there. Dupont Circle needs to keep adding upscale fast food burger joints until we find out how many can be supported at once (and which ones are best!).

Also, Go and the Shack would be a good name for a band.

UPDATE: via Serious Eats, next month BGR’s burger of the month will be the Snooki Burger, with grilled jalapeños, cream cheese and fried pickles — one additional pickle for each time she gets arrested. Is it wrong that I want one (with several pickles, if we’re lucky)?


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