Is It September Yet?

It is! Is it still above 90°? It is.  Yesterday’s commute:

Morning: 2 of 3 Wheaton escalators working; air conditioning in train not working.
Evening: 1 of 2 Gallery Place (9th & G) escalators working; five of six train cars working in Silver Spring train, crowded crowded; eight minute wait for Glenmont train at SS; air conditioning in Glenmont train not working.  But: all three Wheaton escalators working!! So that makes it all okay? Does this help? (yes, a little)

  • Taylor Gourmet should open this week, maybe already has, in Bethesda. Mrs. Me and I walked by last Friday and it looked basically ready to go, they were working on the exterior and running training sessions in the kitchen. Excellent sandwich, sesame seeds aside.
  • Wheaton Patch has a nice story on Wheaton’s (small) farmer’s market, which I shamefully still have not visited.  Also this photo of the Moby Dick sushi (11220 Triangle) proprietor, who is awesome; love this family-run joint.
  • Gazette reviews Rockville’s newish Carbón — just what MoCo needs, more Peruvian chicken! Bernice August might be interested to learn that if you drive south and cross Randolph Road, you are still in Montgomery County.  Moreover, there are restaurants down here, serving food and whatnot. Amazing but true.
  • Funny at times.

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