October and Saigonese

One month later, I guess that’s enough of a blogging battery recharge. The eatin’ in Wheaton remains good. Lunch today at Saigonese (11232 Grandview), where I was the only diner during much of my meal. I don’t know if that is normal Friday lunch business or if the economy is to blame or if I have violated some Vietnamese-food-is-forbidden-on-October-1 rule.  There were a couple of takeout orders, and one couple arrived after I was almost done.

As I was leaving, a pair of women arrived and had this conversation with the server:
Women: Is this a Thai restaurant?
Server: No.
Women: Oh, someone told us this was a Thai restaurant.
Women: Do you know where there is a Thai restaurant?
Server: No.

Lucky for everyone, I was able to direct them to the East side of Georgia, where all of Wheaton’s Thai restaurants live.  I sent them to Nava, but if they stumbled across Dusit or Suporn or Ruan on the way I’m sure that worked out just fine.

Right, my lunch: special #1, charcoal pork with noodles and veggies (large bowl, solid value at $6.95) and a Vietnamese iced coffee, sweet, rich, really went well with the pork. Also got some lemongrass chicken to go, that will make a nice lunch on Monday, if it lasts that long.

2 responses to “October and Saigonese

  1. I was going to go to Saigonese a few weeks ago when I was craving banh mi, but I took a quick look at the Yelp reviews and a few of them mentioned roaches in/around their food. This freaked me out enough to forego their banh mi this time. However, you’ve mentioned Saigonese several times; have you ever noticed it being dirty?

    You should write a Yelp review to boost their star power a little!

  2. Thanks Ashley — no, I would not describe Saigonese as dirty. It isn’t fancy, but I find it to be clean and tidy. I would guess that anyone who claims to have found a roach *in* his food is making it up. This kind of thing is why I’m not a big fan of sites like Yelp, there’s no accountability at all. I’m anonymous, but at least you can get a sense of the kinds of things I like based on multiple reviews of many different restaurants, and then start to figure out whether you agree with me or not based on what you think of the places I review that you also visit.

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