First Monday in October News

As predicted, grilled lemon chicken from Saigonese made excellent “leftovers” today.

Like me, Wheaton Calling is back, baby!

Wheaton Patch enjoyed New Kam Fong (2400 University, no website as far as we know) (me, too).

And in less Wheatony news, first-Monday-in-October appropriate: argument begins today in the Rogue States-Steptoe burger aroma faceoff in D.C. Superior Court.

3 responses to “First Monday in October News

  1. I just wanted to say thanks for all the Seattle recommendations. We didn’t get to everything on our list, but we did enjoy burgers at Dick’s and had a fun afternoon (and tasty food) at Uwajimaya and the International District.

  2. That’s great! Looks like you had a blast in the Olympics, Bellingham, etc. Love it out there. I look forward to your Uwajimaya review.

  3. Guess that means I’m doing an Uwajimaya review, then!

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