Flying Spaghetti Taco Monster

I had never heard of iCarly until today, so maybe I am the last to find out about the apparent spaghetti taco craze.  It’s creative, and I can see the appeal to kids: weirds out the adults, something different, messy.* Two great tastes, but do they really taste great together? I am skeptical. I’m all for creativity, but just because something is creative doesn’t mean it is a good idea.  Fusion cuisine may have shark-jumped for the pre-teen set as well as for adults. I’m not the kind of person who insists that each food item must be separate on the plate — no touching! — but some combinations work, and some don’t.  I will reserve final judgment until the unlikely event I actually eat a spaghetti taco.

Mostly this is just more evidence, as though we needed more evidence, that television is enormously influential.

I should note that this is not the first time spaghetti has been combined with foreign substances, e.g. Cincinnati two-way (or more) chili, the appeal of which also eludes me. I like spaghetti, I like chili…but not together. On the other hand, I eagerly await the advent of spaghetti sushi.  Rice, spaghetti, what’s the diff?

* the NYT article linked above quotes a college professor of pop culture as saying “spaghetti tacos has** made it possible to eat spaghetti in your car” — which is true in the sense that the taco makes the spaghetti initially easier to hold, but is nonsense in that the taco will quickly shatter and you’ll have spaghetti all over you and your car. Good luck with that!

** shouldn’t this be “spaghetti tacos have,” tacos being plural? Or does he mean the concept of tacos?

2 responses to “Flying Spaghetti Taco Monster

  1. I’m way, way too old for it, but I am a fan of iCarly, though I have yet to make spaghetti tacos. I guess I’ll have to soon!

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