Garden State Road Trip

During my September blogging hiatus we attended a wedding in Parsippany, New Jersey — fantastic Indian buffet dinner, goat curry was best but it was all good.  Aside from that, a few other restaurant visits of note:

  • Gencarelli’s Cucina, in Montclair, is a decent locally owned and operated Italian spot, open only a few years, excellent service, well-designed with a fun patio in back; food was only okay, appetizers better than main courses, but certainly edible, and big portions; a perfectly reasonable neighborhood Italian restaurant.
  • Smashburger, also in Montclair (and many other cities nationwide but somehow not, yet, in Dupont Circle), makes a tasty burger and good fries too, though the whole smashverbiage schtick on their smashmenu is a little smashoverdone, if you smashknow what I smashmean.
  • The Office, in Westfield, is the recently-refurbished original location of a small (seven location) NJ sports bar and grill chain, server was green but extremely enthusiastic; decent food (we tried nachos and steak salad) although sadly they do not offer table beets from Schrute Farms; outstanding beer selection, especially by chain standards; good happy hour specials; a little too chainy for my taste but the bar area had a semi-seedy feel that worked; probably would have felt less odd if there had been more than three other people there for lunch on a Friday.  If I lived there, I could see it being part of a lunch/happy hour rotation.
  • At one of those Maryland rest stops where they have several fast food outlets I panicked and got some sort of “chicken” sandwich from Roy Rogers, from which I had not purchased food since college (and which I will not link to due to annoying Flash website and because it’s Roy Rogers for crying out loud). I ate 2/3 of it, somehow survived, and will not make the mistake again.

One response to “Garden State Road Trip

  1. Can’t wait until smashburger comes to DC. Also want to mention that DC Foodtruck cook-off is today and tommorrow. The Lobster truck has some great food!!!

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