Curbside Cookoff

Food trucks may be the future of urban lunch — I hope so! — but not yet, not in DC.

Today’s (and yesterday’s) Curbside Cookoff brought 20 of DC’s finest food trucks (who knew there were so many?  And there were others that couldn’t get in) together at the old convention center site to feed the masses, and raise awareness that the trucks exist, and offer delicious food, and, they hope, should be allowed to ply DC’s streets for business.  Many brick/mortar restaurateurs aren’t crazy about the food trucks, however, and how the trucks are to be regulated has become a hot issue.

I welcome the food truck invasion, though so far they don’t spend much time at Metro Center. We have many lunch options around here, but most are either expensive or sandwiches (within three blocks of me, there are two Subways, two Potbellys, a Firehook, five million Starbucks, a Pret a Manger, plus Amorini Panini just opened on F near 9th — AP will be a regional chain someday but this is their first store and it looks promising). I like sandwiches, but seriously, how many is enough? What I crave is good, quick, affordable Thai or Chinese or Indian or Mexican or Korean or Salvadoran food for lunch (no, the shops (other than Five Guys) upstairs at F and 13th don’t count — I said good), and you don’t see any of that here, but you will if the food carts are allowed to proliferate. Restaurant owners or franchisees who worry about the trucks taking their business should branch out beyond sandwiches and hot dogs. Meanwhile, I am left to track the whereabouts of various trucks that don’t come quite close enough to me — lots of ways to find them.

So, Curbside Cookoff. It’s a lovely day and I had a lovely walk up to where the trucks are. I arrived at 11:35 and already the lines were preposterously long.  For every truck. I didn’t have that kind of time today, so no food truck food for me.  I look forward to the day when food trucks are a normal part of the downtown DC landscape and the frenzy has died down a bit.

5 responses to “Curbside Cookoff

  1. I am going this evening, and yes the lines are worth the wait. The other weekend I stood outside for the Lobster truck for 45 minutes in front of Chinatown Coffee on H street. Today, I plan on trying it again as well as Curbside Cupcakes, the Fry Captain, and alot of people keep saying District Taco is good for Tacos. Might have to bring home some Korean Barbecue….need to stop by the ATM machine before I go.

    By the way, Lobster truck says they are working on getting a NOVA and MoCo license and plan on putting a second truck on the road. I doubt they will make it all the way out here, but Bethesda is okay for me at lunch time…..

  2. My friends and I came around 3:00 on Friday and most of the lines (except for the lobster truck!) had gotten shorter. I like visiting a food truck on the sidewalk, but food trucks arranged around the gigantic Old Convention Center parking lot doesn’t feel as fun for some reason.

  3. I’ve noticed a few food trucks around Wheaton, but haven’t had a chance to check them out yet. There’s almost always one parked near that new retail building at the intersection of Viers Mill and University. I also noticed one parked behind the laudromat along Elkin.

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