Brasserie Beck

Also during the blogging hiatus, Mrs. Me and friends (and I) infiltrated DC’s Brasserie Beck (1101 K Street) before a Lewis Black show at the Warner. Beck gets generally great reviews and I had been looking forward to trying it, and it lived up to the hype, for us anyway. Lots of great Belgian beer, of course; I enjoyed the Antigoon, a not-too-hoppy double blond on draft and available only at Beck, I think.  Several people ordered the mussels — all good, I’m told — and I got tastes of a couple of salads, one spinach (with bacon!) and one tomato (no bacon, one of the few dishes available that did not involve bacon as far as I could tell). Mrs. Me liked her croque monsieur, I liked my lamb sandwich.  The food was very good, but was nevertheless surpassed by the service, which was as good as any I’ve ever had at any restaurant and better than most, and I think by far the best at this price point. Beck staff are incredibly well-trained, knowledgable, friendly, efficient.

Also you may have heard something about Belgians liking their french fries.  Beck’s are, of course, excellent — and as a mayo-on-fries fan I appreciated the dip trifecta — but I’m starting to think that great fries really aren’t that hard to come by.  Cork and Relic (beware Flash) both make fries just as good as Beck’s, IMO, and in the same style (thin and fairly crisp on the outside), and that’s not to mention other good Belgian spots like Saint-Ex, and also not to mention places like Blue Duck Tavern where I haven’t been but where the fries are reportedly to die for. Then there is Five Guys, whose fries are a different style but also fantastic.  McDonalds continues to make a good fry (if little else worth eating). Those are just off the top of my head.  This is not to say great fries should no longer be appreciated, just that great fries are not as hard to find as they were even just a few years ago. Happily so!

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