Escalators, Hollywood East, Cristina

Wheaton Metro’s escalators continue to frustrate, they were all out this morning (again).  I don’t mind walking down in the morning, but having to walk up in the evening is frustrating, especially when one (and only one) of the escalators is fully operational — but running down, against evening rush traffic, as was the case one night last week.  That’s not an equipment problem, that’s just bad management.

In happier and more-food-related news, Hollywood East makes the Washingtonian “Great New Restaurants” list (October 2010 edition, article not online as far as I know).  I suppose it is a new location, anyway, and it is nice to have HE back in Wheaton’s excellent Chinese restaurant mix. The reviewer notes steamed lingfish and honey-walnut shrimp as favorites, in addition to the much-lauded dim sum.

Also, Patch likes Cristina Ristorante Italiano (2666 University); I mostly agree with their assessment that the service is fabulous, the setting is charming, and the food is a mixed bag: mediocre-to-good (in my opinion) and not always living up to the price tag. I do appreciate the fact that the owners are local and longstanding and friendly; you could certainly do much worse for Italian food.



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