Wednesday Food News Roundup, Mid-October Edition

  • WaPo reports that the terrorists now advocate “crowded restaurant[s] in Washington, D.C.” as possible targets. Yikes!  Not good. However, this just means we need to eat out even more; otherwise, the terrorists win. Mrs. Me and I and others sat defiantly in the front window table at Cristina on University in Wheaton for an early October, 2002 dinner, right after the D.C. snipers had killed their first victims in Wheaton, Kensington and Silver Spring. Be vigilant, but be rational, and be well-fed — how many times did your mother remind you that you can’t fight Al Qaeda on an empty stomach?
  • Wheaton Patch details some futzing around the edges of the Safeway redevelopment plan.  Groundbreaking in spring 2011? Sounds good, but believe when seen.  Also from Patch, news of the possible Wheaton-area community garden noted last week at Wheaton Calling.
  • As a follow-up to the spaghetti tacos story (noted here), NYT has collected amusing photos of other dishes kids like. Several are quite artistic.
  • The Gazette reviews the Rockville outpost of Againn.  We’ve been to the original DC Againn and thought it was okay (scotch lockers seem awfully pretentious). For Irish grub, libation and ambience, I’m much more excited about the Limerick Pub.
  • CityPaper notes Rogue States is likely gone for good from Dupont, but will open a new location on 14th Street.  Steptoe, the law firm that sued RS, has come off looking more reasonable over the course of the D.C. Superior Court case, and the landlord less so. Meanwhile, don’t cry for Dupont-area burger lovers — several beefy options remain, or are coming soon.

One response to “Wednesday Food News Roundup, Mid-October Edition

  1. I have to agree with you on the scotch lockers thing – it’s something I never understood. I don’t want to keep my drinks in the same place that I keep my gym shoes (or maybe its a different type of locker).
    And while we’re talking Dupont Circle, we were very sad to see that The Iron Gate restaurant is closing at the end of the month. Did it have the best food in DC? No. But we loved the look and feel of the place, and it was where we had our rehearsal dinner sort of thing, and a few anniversary dinners. Definitely the best outdoor patio area in the city – sort of a “Secret Garden” feel to it.

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