Ghar-E-Kabab (Silver Spring)

Tiffin is our go-to Indian restaurant, but several commenters have praised Ghar-E-Kabab (944 Wayne) as having the dual desirable attributes of (1) having excellent food and (2) delivering to Wheaton all the way from downtown Silver Spring. We finally got around to trying G-E-K recently and we agree it is very good, the equal of Tiffin in perhaps all but one key respect.

(I keep wanting to type Ghar-E-Kebab, and for the record, a Google search for “kebab” gets six million hits while a search for “kabab” gets only 1,320,000 — I’m just saying.)

Anyway, Ghar-E-Kabab’s samosas are if anything better than Tiffin’s, smaller but less dense, more balanced in flavor. The vindaloo seemed more tomato-y and less…something, not sure what, and also not all that spicy, not by authentic vindaloo standards, though Tiffin’s vindaloo spice level can vary widely by visit so I can’t really judge G-E-K’s based on one sample. It tasted good, anyway.  Chicken tikka masala and lamb sag were also both very good, G-E-K seems to excel at sauces, and lamb and chicken both supertender.

The one dish that brings us back to Tiffin over and over again is their outstanding lamb biryani, and though the G-E-K version is quite good, it doesn’t rise to Tiffin’s level, and I couldn’t explain why or what’s missing (possibly heroin, we often speculate, mostly joking…).  The flavor profile just isn’t quite Tiffiny enough — but if I weren’t already addicted to Tiffin’s biryani, G-E-K’s would do nicely. So we will certainly continue to explore Ghar-E-Kabab’s menu when, inevitably, we crave Indian food but don’t feel like braving the horrid traffic on University toward New Hampshire.

By the way, there is no truth to the rumor that Ghar-E-Kabab and Piratz Tavern (beware Flash) (8402 Georgia) are opening a joint venture called Arrrr-E-Kabab, featuring skewered salt pork, tandoori parrot, and rum lassis — though the more I think about this, the more I like the idea. If anyone knows any Sanskrit sea chantys, please post in the comments.


2 responses to “Ghar-E-Kabab (Silver Spring)

  1. Glad to see that G-E-K came through ok. I actually didn’t realize that they would deliver to Wheaton – that’s a fairly large delivery area for a restaurant. The one thing that we’ve had from them that is a bit odd are the poppadoms since they seem to have a slightly fishy flavor to them. They’re not bad, just odd.
    Oh, and was the food still warm when it arrived?

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