Food Wine & Co. (Bethesda)

We don’t usually hit brand new restaurants so quickly, but we visited Food Wine & Co. (7272 Wisconsin) recently with friends in tow (actually, we were the ones in tow). The FW&C website has style but lacks substance; fortunately the American bistro-style food has both. Lamb chops (a special) were perfectly cooked, I was gnawing the bones at the end, always a good sign. Salmon was reportedly excellent. Pizza ingredients were fresh and the crust seemed high quality but there were too many toppings for such a thin crust, which practically disintegrated (in a kind of gummy way) in the middle — still, not bad.

I’m working backwards here, but we started with a melange of meats and cheeses; one of the meats literally melted in the mouth, no chewing required, with outstanding flavor. Two tomme cheeses, one cow, one goat, both lovely. And somebody had soup, what kind? I’ve forgotten, the menu is not online, and the receipt helpfully says “2 soup day”.  I think it was some sort of winter vegetable puree, we all had a taste, very good.

FW&C also has a nice wine list, lots of options at all price ranges, they pride themselves on low markups above retail. We went old-world, starting with a Paul Autard Châteauneuf-du-Pape and then a Pio Cesare Barbera (or was it a Barbaresco?) — the latter was good, but the Autard was awesome, lots of tannins and flavors and just loved it.

We also liked the decor, well-designed with high ceilings, warm neutral colors, lots of wood, we enjoyed our window booth. Really our only complaint (not even really a complaint so much as an observation) was the service, which was very friendly but sloooooowwwwww, plus our server wasn’t familiar with most of the wines on the list. But to his credit he summoned the sommelier (or a manager, not sure), who was extremely helpful, so it all worked out okay, good food and great wine, I would certainly go back. This is the kind of restaurant we will not see in Wheaton anytime soon — and that’s okay, Wheaton’s feral urbanism fosters different kinds of good eatin’.


One response to “Food Wine & Co. (Bethesda)

  1. Just felt compelled to add that the pizza with loaded ingredients was my own fault – I ordered some extra toppings. I thought it was excellent, by the way. Not too soupy in the middle for my taste.

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