Bring Me The Head Of The Delivery Boy

Another morning, another 100% Wheaton Metro escalator outage.

Patch rounds up Wheaton restaurants who deliver — it is not a long list.  I’d be interested in a list of restaurants near Wheaton who deliver to Wheaton, like Silver Spring’s recently-reviewed Ghar-E-Kabab.

An article in the October 4 Nation’s Restaurant News (article not available online) notes that, increasingly, delivery is a money-loser for restaurants, and quotes an industry consultant: “If one of my clients is opening a [delivery-carryout combo store], I tell them they’ll need to charge substantially for it if they want to make money. You cannot do free delivery.” The article also discusses a long-time Kenton, Ohio pizzeria (“Michael Angelo’s Pizzeria”, how cool is that?!) that is phasing out delivery by mid-2011, tired of paying for insurance, workers comp, speeding tickets, and the cost of repairing wrecked delivery cars.  On the other hand, the schizo article also says delivery is becoming more popular, one example of which is (says the article) “more than 300 franchised Subway restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area, which have been testing delivery service…since fall 2009.” Who knew?

This is also a reason to be careful about delivery, especially if you are the deliverer.


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