Best…Dish…Ever (Theoretical Division)

Tyler Cowen has a post about which ingredients signal a high-quality dish; his interlocutor suggests scallions, while Tyler suggests fish sauce, limes, saffron, chicken gizzards, and Sichuan peppercorns. If we assume for argument’s sake that these suggestions are empirically correct, we should create a stir-fry of chicken gizzards with scallions and Sichuan peppercorns in a lime-saffron-fish sauce-sauce and see how it tastes.  Not sure the saffron fits with the other ingredients, but I would nevertheless have high hopes. Maybe the folks at Joe’s or Michael’s or Wheaton’s own New Kam Fong or Hollywood East or Wong Gee or Full Key or Paul Kee can give it a shot.  Maybe one already is?

I’m trying to think of other good ingredient examples but the problem is that any ingredient is misused as often as it is well-used, from truffles to pork belly to Spam.  Maybe bacon — when has bacon ever failed to improve a dish? And yet there is plenty of inferior bacon out there.

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