Gazette On Nava, Chipotle On Line, No Rats In MoCo’s Kitchens

Will wonders never cease? Nava gets an enthusiastic writeup this week from the Gazette, who have evidently rediscovered the fact that East MoCo, like the rest of MoCo, has establishments that sell prepared food for a fee.

Meanwhile, I have it on good authority that Chipotle opened as scheduled today in Kensington (as previewed recently by What’s Up Wheaton), in the shopping center at Connecticut and Knowles, and the lines were long.  Such pent-up burrito demand in Kensington!  I’m with WUW, hoping next-door-neighbors Continental Pizza and Chipotle can both prosper. I’m not a big fast-service-Mexican fan in general, but I think Chipotle is the relative best of the bunch, compared with Qdoba, Baja Fresh, or (shiver) Taco Bell.

Finally, TBD reports MoCo is going to start enforcing the law that restaurants must keep their windows shut at all times. This will mostly affect Bethesda — I can’t think of any Wheaton restaurants that have windows meant to be kept open during dining hours — but seemed worth noting.  Apparently the law is designed to combat rats in the kitchen (or elsewhere).


3 responses to “Gazette On Nava, Chipotle On Line, No Rats In MoCo’s Kitchens

  1. What a silly law. I don’t eat in Bethesda enough for this to personally impact me but I’m sure it won’t make the restaurant owners happy.

  2. Thanks, Christine. I can see the point of the law, but seems like it could be more nuanced. Non-enforcement seemed to be working okay? It is always worrisome when the authorities dig up a rule that has been unenforced for some time with no obvious problems and suddenly decide to start laying down the law, as it were.

  3. Yes, I can see the point of it as well but I also think if it ain’t broke….

    Perhaps there is a rat problem we don’t know about but the article leads one to believe that is not why the law is suddenly being enforced.

    On a positive note, I can’t wait to check Chipotle out for dinner, maybe even tonight. Thanks for the heads up that it’s open.

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