More Limericks

There once was an Elkin Street pub… (I’ll have to give this more thought)

The Gazette joins the reportage party for Wheaton’s imminent Limerick Pub. Lots of good detail there, I love how the LP and the Royal Mile Pub seem to be working together for mutual benefit.  We all will benefit, I think!

Also in today’s Gazette, Bethesda’s Bistro LaZeez. Mmm, tahini…

And in the Post, a neat article on nanobreweries, focusing on Rockville’s Baying Hound Aleworks, whose beer is about to be (or may be already) available at Royal Mile.  Convergence!  If they make a tahini beer then we will really have something.


3 responses to “More Limericks

  1. Talking of journalists and their coverage of the local food scene, is it me or has Tom Sietsema’s writing become rather lazy lately? Take yesterday’s review of P.J. Clarke’s in the food section for example. It was billed as a review of the “Cadillac” of burgers, and yet nowhere in the piece did he actually review the burger (he dispensed with the pot pie pretty quickly by saying that Swenson’s is better). And I’ve noticed that some of his other reviews in recent months have been lacking including his Fall Restaurant Guide which I can only characterize as dull.

  2. He is a lightning rod for criticism. Not easy being a major restaurant critic (I should be so lucky!), but then nobody’s forcing him. I admit I only skim most of his Magazine reviews, since he lately seems to be reviewing places I am not likely to visit. I do enjoy his chat transcript every week.

  3. I agree that being a critic means never been able to please everyone, however it does seem that old Tom’s reviews have been getting worse over the past year or so (although, in fairness, the same can be said about the Washington Post in general).

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