Grocery Explosion

The Tar-zhay in the Wheaton mall now includes a full-service grocery, including fresh fruits, vegetables, etc., according to a flier we got in the mail yesterday. Will have to get over there for a quality assessment.  With Giant and now Target and soon Costco, the mall may collapse under the weight of all that food. I’m still more likely to go to H-Mart, or even the Kensington Safeway, where the produce was unusually good last weekend (updated lime index coming soon).

And I may have to add Prince George’s County to my fresh food itinerary, since they are really the big winner of the past week: Wegmans!


2 responses to “Grocery Explosion

  1. Do you want the Wegman’s coupon book we got in the mail the other day? We’re not sure we’ll make the journey to use it. Let us know.

  2. We got one too! But thanks.

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