Seven Stone Weakling Bar?

Just as I was saying I hear great things about Robert Wiedmaier’s new Mussel Bar in Bethesda, and just as Steve commented that Tom Sietsema’s writing (along with much of the Post) has been sub-par lately, both propositions are tested in this weekend’s Post Magazine as Sietsema savages MB like Moby Dick wrecking Ahab’s boat and biting his leg for good measure.  Not as enjoyable as a Roger Ebert takedown of a bad movie, but still a good if unappetizing read. I still want to try Mussel Bar but maybe I will wait a while to see if Tom’s review energizes the bivalves.


2 responses to “Seven Stone Weakling Bar?

  1. I’ve been to Mussel Bar twice for dinner and have been very happy with my food both times. Yes, the dining room is cramped and loud. Yes, the beers are overpriced. But the mussels are great and so are the frites. Definitely worth a try to see what you think personally.

  2. Hmm, I hate to say it but I might have to take back what I said about Tom Sietsema because his review of Mussel Bar was actually fairly well written. Or maybe I can just take credit for inspiring a renaissance in his reviews.
    Btw, we went to the overhauled Wheaton Target this weekend, partly to determine whether a regular weekly grocery shop could be done there. The verdict – no, but their getting closer.

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