Z Burger

Seems like a lot of eatin’ but not enough Wheaton lately.  Will work on that starting tonight. TGIF!

Meanwhile, we tried Z Burger (two Wisconsin Avenue locations) recently and thought it was okay. Ordering in advance by phone was a breeze; we were worried it might be crowded and we were already running late, but Z was pretty empty that day around lunchtime. The store itself is kind of sterile and cramped inside, but really who cares, Z is all about takeout.  The burger was tasty, and essentially indistinguishable from a Five Guys burger, right down to the foil wrapper.  Oh, except Z puts the bacon on the bottom (to avoid a patent lawsuit?).  Fries are, alas, easily distinguishable from the excellent 5G fries, and onion rings were also meh, with a thick chewy coating.  Given the inconvenient (for us) location and overall inferiority to the various, well-documented high-end-fast-food-burger options in DC, Z is unlikely to see us again anytime soon, but if one has a burger craving and finds oneself outside a Z Burger location, one could do worse.  Also, I think they’re known for their shakes, but we didn’t try those, not my thing and somehow Mrs. Me resisted too.


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