Royal Mile Brunch

I did not know until today that Royal Mile offers full Scottish and Irish breakfasts: platefuls of toast, potatoes, tomatoes, sausage, Rasher bacon, eggs, and (Scottish breakfast only) haggis.  No beans, but one can’t have everything. I wasn’t mentally prepared to deal with haggis so I got the Irish breakfast, very tasty all around, I hadn’t had this kind of spread since our vacation to Koh Samui almost four years ago when we stayed at the English-expat-run Secret Garden and had full English breakfast every day.  A plate full o’ happy.

Mrs. Me had the burger as usual. The food took a long time to arrive despite the restaurant being mostly empty — RM cooks from scratch and it’s all worth the wait, but not a place to visit when in a hurry.  Lazy autumn Saturday, not in hurry, good times.


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