Moby Dick (Wheaton Edition)

Lots of restaurants are named for the white whale, and they cover multiple cuisines. The only one I’ve been to is Wheaton’s own Moby Dick (11220 Triangle Lane, no website), fine purveyors of Japanese (and a few Korean) delicacies for many years now.  We hadn’t been back for a while, but this weekend’s visit was tasty as usual; in particular, we branched out into some new-to-us rolls, most of which I don’t remember but the Caterpillar roll was my favorite, quite spicy (no need for wasabi) and attractive with its green avocado topping lined with waves of hot sauce. Miso soup, salad, edamame all solid. Tempura was a little greasier than I remember, but crisp, and the shrimp and veggies inside were perfect.  We also especially love the service: this is an old-school, super-friendly family-run spot.

An old (2006!) but still valid Post review is here.


3 responses to “Moby Dick (Wheaton Edition)

  1. Moby Dick is my two year old’s favorite restaurant. I love that they are very welcoming to families!

  2. VERY family friendly! I was also glad they were nearly full on our recent visit, sometimes we’re practically the only ones there.

    And congrats on having such an adventuresome 2yo — most kids that age that I know will eat only white foods, only chicken fingers, etc.

  3. Absolutely love Moby Dick’s! My wife and I have never been disappointed and the owners are such nice and gracious hosts.

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