Another Day Closer to Safeway

Today’s Gazette has the update on the 17-story Safeway-and-apartment complex coming soon eventually to the Zombie Safeway site across from Wheaton Metro.  The story does not say when demolition of the Zombie Safeway will begin (too bad they missed Halloween weekend — maybe they were afraid the ZS would fight back?). I look forward to the day when I once again can make a quick stop on my way home from the Metro for a loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter.

5 responses to “Another Day Closer to Safeway

  1. I’ve got to admit, the article was lost on me when they started talking about burrito eating statues playing hopscotch! Why can’t they just focus on making a decent grocery store?

  2. The article was a bit disjointed. I’m in favor of public art, although I think pupusas are more Wheatony than burritos. Seems like the people focusing on the art should be different than the people focusing on the primary Safeway structure. Multitasking!

  3. Let’s have a contest: What will open first, the new Safeway, or Pashion?

    I was going to make it Pashion or The Limerick Pub, but decided to be more realistic.

  4. I would guess Limerick = December 2010, Safeway = Spring 2012, and Pashion = never. But you never know!

  5. My guess is that you’ll have to wait for the Bethesda Safeway to open before construction starts in earnest on the Wheaton Safeway, but that could just be me being pessimistic.

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