Wednesday Roundup

Everything we need to know we learn on the internets…

The much-lauded Elevation Burger, where I have never eaten, has a new Potomac location, and Bernice August mostly likes it. EB is in the early stages of national expansion, like Five Guys a few years ago. Wheaton has available storefronts suitable for burger joints…I’m just sayin’.

Also in the Gazette, news of Babe’s Sports Bar and Grill opening in a few weeks in Silver Spring in the old Gallery Restaurant space on East-West Highway. The owners say, “it’s going to be family-friendly…like a 2010 Cheers.”  Family-friendly and Cheers are both good, but together?  I’m not sure Norm and Cliff foster a family-friendly environment. We shall see how this turns out.

Interesting article in WaPo on the mysterious and influential local online restaurant guru Don Rockwell.  He’s trying to monetize his fame with a new dining concierge service. When he dines incognito (as he does, every night), does he feel like somebody’s watching him? I liked the part of the story about how he used to post drunken late-night rants about bad restaurants on his website and then delete them by morning — we would nevvvvver do that around here…

And Patch notes toward the end of this roundup that Panera is set to open at Wheaton Mall in February 2011 (and Costco in April 2012). Also that the godawful flea market currently held weekends in the Zombie Safeway parking lot will move to the mall once Reanimated Safeway construction begins…not a moment too soon.

UPDATE:  roasted nut troubles in downtown Silver Spring!  Via TBD.


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