Pashion Restaurant and Lounge Now Open in Wheaton (?!!?!?)

Also from Patch, shocker of the year — Pashion Restaurant and Lounge now open (though not today — closed Mondays!) in the former, original Hollywood East space (2310 Price), in the Suporn Thai strip mall. This one snuck up on me, I was about ready to give up hope entirely; Pashion has been in the works for many moons. I like their website, sleek and stylish without going overboard.  If the food quality is good, this will be a welcome and unique addition to the Wheaton dining scene.  I’m not 100% confident that Wheaton is ready to support this kind of upscale concept, but maybe it is (especially if the food is good!), and I think the time is ripe to find out.

Note that Pashion is essentially across the street from Nava Thai, Royal Mile Pub, and opening-next-month Limerick Pub (who announced their new chef and offered gift certificates over the weekend).  Also within about a block or less: El Boqueron, Cabanita, Sergio’s, Hung Phat, Mercado Latino, Caramelo Bakery, Paul Kee, New Kam Fong, Irene’s Pupusas, The Chicken Place, the recently-reviewed-on-Patch taco truck, and the aforementioned Suporn Thai. Quite the nexus of diverse, excellent dining…


7 responses to “Pashion Restaurant and Lounge Now Open in Wheaton (?!!?!?)

  1. On Saturday night 11/13 at 9 pm as I headed to the Royal Mile, I was stunned to see a “Now Open” sign at Pashion. There was no visible activity or customer, and the pulse of music could be heard from within. At 11:30 pm upon my return, there was a velvet rope and red carpet, a host’s lecturn station manned by a host/bouncer in a suit, and a number of men in shiny suits standing around. Looks like more of a nightclub than simply a restaurant.

  2. Well, there’s both restaurant and “lounge” — clearly more investigation is required. If they think they’re going to be able to have some kind of hoity-toity velvet rope-type operation, they may be overestimating their prospects…but who knows? Mrs. Me reminded me that the last time someone tried this kind of thing in Wheaton, the “Pearl” restaurant/lounge on Grandview had to close in late 2007 after getting busted for illegal sexual activity and serving alcohol without food in violation of MoCo rules.

  3. Ooooh, you beat me to the punch on linking to these two Patch articles. I’m skeptical about whether Pashion is really going to give Wheaton an upscale destination for dinner and drinks, but I’m glad that someone is giving it a shot at least. Right now, I head to Silver Spring for special occasion dinners – usually Jackie’s. It would be great to have a cool spot to go in Wheaton. I also thought that Patch’s review of the food truck by the laundromat sounded mouth watering. I’m definitely going to check that out. And yes, you’re right…I do usually see another food truck by Chuck Levin’s. It always has these crazy color-changing lights on night.

  4. And Pearl was kind of suffering in the quality department pre-bust, too.
    Looking at the menu for Pashion, I’m not too convinced they won’t be failing in that regard, too. Seems pretty generic.

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  6. hey patch you guys have got to come check out pashion lounge now, it seems that a lot of the reviews on the internet are from months ago ie 2010, but definitely go check it out, the food is amazing the customer service is perfect and because it is a club on one side and restaurant on the other its a double plus. the club has been taken over by new management so a lot has changed and the jazz nights on Thursday are definitely a thumbs up. i love it im always there and you meet the sweetest people. they are kind of expensive but then again its worth every penny.

  7. Check this out! Lady Kreationz Presents Salient Saturday’s at The Pashion Lounge (2310 Price Ave, Wheaton MD) there will be an AWESOME moment in entertainment with 4 of the funniest comics from DC along with Never Stop Entertainment with some of the Hottest artist in the DMV, hosted by TMJ Inc. (Me) Show kicks off @6:30pm! Hope to see you there!
    Date June 11, 2011
    Date June 18, 2011
    Date June 25, 2011

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