Wheaton Street Food Taco-rama

Wheaton Patch reviews the taco truck that lives behind Wheaton Laundromat (11323 Georgia).  Tacos were the big winner for Patch, and judging by the photos I would agree.  I am remiss in not having tried any of Wheaton’s street food (outside of the annual Taste of Wheaton, which is all street food for a day).  Most days a second taco truck is parked on Viers Mill near the Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center (I’m not imagining that, am I?  Certainly possible that I am having taco truck hallucinations, treatable only by eating more tacos, with maybe a pupusa thrown in for good measure). Not that Wheaton is hurting for brick-and-mortar Mexican/Salvadoran food.  But if the trucks make good comida, then bring it on.


One response to “Wheaton Street Food Taco-rama

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