Amorini Panini (Metro Center)

I don’t have much to say about Amorini Panini (906 F Street NW), newish purveyors of panini sandwiches and a few other menu items.  Locally owned, and I think they’re hoping to open more locations at some point.  The F Street store has an awkward layout, though the clean industrial design works well enough. I’ve only been there at low-volume times; I suspect the place gets crowded and confusing during high volume. Despite being able to walk right up and order on each of my visits, it still has taken 7 to 10 minutes to get my sandwich — not objectionably bad for a panini, I suppose, but not exactly fast, and during the lunch rush it must take even longer.

Beyond that, the food isn’t that great.  The Buffalo Chicken sandwich was warm but the cheese was unmelted; the “artisinal” bread doesn’t seem special to me.  The Italiano was better, but no better than the Potbelly Italian sub, which costs $1 less for a comparably-sized and similar-tasting sandwich. Most sandwiches are $6.  They also have soup and salad.  Amorini is also, alas, a Pepsi joint, though they do have plastic bottles of Coke.

So, unexciting on the whole, and certainly not worth the longer walk from my office compared to Potbelly or Pret A Manger. I need to do a composite review of Metro Center sandwich options, if for no other reason than to get it all out of my brain so I can stop thinking about it. I would spend a certain number of minutes every day thinking about sandwiches anyway, because why not?  But it has gotten to be too much.


2 responses to “Amorini Panini (Metro Center)

  1. I think “artisanal” (or “artisan”) is one of the most over-used words in the english language right now. My sense is that companies use it whenever the product comes into contact with a human while it is being made (i.e. according to their definition, a tv could be described as artisanal if somebody somewhere in the factory touches it).
    A real artisan is a skilled manual laborer who designs and makes a specific product from scratch – I doubt that’s the case in most instances where the word is applied.

  2. This is an artisinal blog!

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