Food News Roulette

Where she stops, nobody knows…

  • Ideas for Thanksgiving turkey procurement from Wheaton Patch and WaPo.
  • K Town Bistro is open in quaint downtown Kensington; Wheaton Gazette gives it a mixed review.  K Town is open for Thanksgiving if your turkey procurement plan falls through!
  • Also in the Gazette, Silver Sprung’s Highland Origin Coffee is adding Ethiopian food to its menu.  Highland is across Fenton Street from longstanding Ethiopian restaurant Addis Ababa — that’s even more synergy (or competition, depending on your perspective) than Wheaton’s imminent Irish-Scottish pub faceoff. Article says 7.1 percent of the SS population is of Sub-Saharan descent: who knew?  Still gotta try Dessie for Ethiopian, on University in Wheaton next to Nick’s Diner.
  • Dungeness Crab season in California (sigh…).
  • More mixed reviews: WaPo goes to Rockville for Super Bowl Noodle House.

Super Bowl Noodle House has no website; a Google search for “Super Bowl Noodle House” shows, as the first result, Joe’s Noodle House, several of whose fiery, fabulous dishes Mrs. Me will be bringing to me in a few hours (I am ready now!).  A rare bad result for Google, but good for Joe’s.




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