Wheaton’s Other Taco Truck

I knew I wasn’t hallucinating. Wheaton Patch recently reviewed the “Ulizes” taco truck (on Georgia behind Wheaton Laundromat) and I was sure there is a second truck in  Wheaton, on Viers Mill.  And there is: Meylin’s Taqueria y Pupuseria, on VM between University and Ennals, backed up against the south side of Pearle Vision. You don’t need eyeglasses to see Meylin’s brightly colored truck.


Meylin's Taqueria y Pupuseria

What could I do but try a taco and pupusa?

Comida muy sabroso

Taco, Pupusa, y accoutrements

Meylin’s does not appear to have quite as many options as Ulizes, and though combos may be available, they are not advertised on the truck. I figure a larger, multiperson taste test will have to happen eventually, so for my first visit I stuck to just a taco/pupusa combo.  The pork in the taco al pastor was tender and nicely charred; overall good flavor to the taco, which also included onions and a smear of avocado, plus optional radishes, lime juice (from a section of fresh lime) and hot sauce that proved to be quite hot indeed. Pupusa was also good, I got the cheese-pork-beans combo; the balance favored beans, but tasted good, and was less greasy than many pupusas.  I like the little bags of slaw and extra hot sauce that come with the food. Excellent value at $3.50 for both items together.  Ulizes-Meylin’s taste test will happen.


3 responses to “Wheaton’s Other Taco Truck

  1. There’s also one along the side of Unique Thrift Store at Viers Mill & Randolph… I keep meaning to try it!

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  3. There are three at Viers Mill and Randolph. One on a neighborhood street adjacent to Rite Aid. The one mentioned by the previous poster. And another behind the flag shop in that same parking lot.

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