McGinty’s Public House (Silver Spring)

Pub quiz night at McGinty’s! I had never been before, tucked into the Ellsworth side of Silver Spring’s central core of restaurants. The quiz is held upstairs in a huge open room, nice space.  Shouldn’t take 2.5 hours to get through a sixty-question pub quiz, though.  Maybe I’m just bitter: top three teams out of a field of 21 won prizes, and we finished fourth.  D’oh!

Fish bites ($5 at happy hour) were excellent, though the other components of the mini-fish’n’chips platter were less successful: over-salted fries and bland tartar sauce.  I ate it all anyway, so couldn’t have been that bad. Harp good, Diet Coke watery. Friends had soup and bacony potato skins, all looked good.  Servers were kind of spacey, but maybe it was just one of those nights. I will brush up on my trivia so I can go back and dominate both pub quiz and the happy hour menu.

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