Thanksgiving Leftovers

Our turkey weighed 20.38 pounds this year, easily a personal best.. This is a week of turkey soup, turkey curry, turkey enchiladas. Meanwhile, we give thanks to our wonderful friends who came over to help us eat 20.38 pounds of turkey (alas, they fell down on the job, leaving us with many pounds of leftovers) and brought with them classic green bean casserole, wild rice/cranberry stuffing, smooooth mashed potatoes, squash bisque, and multi-pies. Thanks!

We also give thanks for New Kam Fong, the source of this year’s Thanksgiving Eve meal, a break from the usual Thai food.  We ordered Americanized dishes (broccoli beef, eight treasure duck, chicken with shrooms) and they were all fine but uninspired. Like at many ethnic restaurants, best to order the authentic/unusual here, not the Westernized stuff.

Also thanks for Los Chorros, for lunch over the weekend when the turkey still loomed large but we couldn’t stand to be around it anymore.  LC is best for main dishes (enchiladas, chimichangas); rice is bland and tamales are a mixed bag; pupusas are good.  Need to explore their Salvadoran specialties, I suspect that’s their best food.


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