Another Morning, Another Metro Fail

One of Wheaton Metro’s three escalators (longest in the Western hemisphere!) has been boarded up and under reconstruction for months. This morning, the middle escalator was also blocked off, out of order.  The third escalator was open but not running, so people could walk up and walk down, creating slow-moving and sometimes standstill foot traffic, especially going up, because many people had to stop and rest multiple times.  Why were so many people walking up in the morning? Why not take the elevator?  Because the elevator was also out of service.

Of course it was.  Stupid Metro.

The silver (or lead, maybe) lining is that, despite the escalator traffic jam, I did not miss a train, because the trains were off schedule (for unnanounced reasons).  This also made the train, once it arrived, extremely crowded, and it got worse when the train in front of us broke down and offloaded all its passengers.  Just another greater (lesser?) DC commute…


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