Revitalization of Jackie’s

All this redevelopment talk is making me thirsty (and giving me a headache). So let’s get back to food, and give Silver Spring some love and attention: this weekend’s Post Magazine features a strongly positive review of Jackie’s (8081 Georgia, speaking of good restaurants on feral-looking streets outside the downtown core), raving particularly about the new chef.  We love Jackie’s funky decor and mostly have liked the food, and now sounds like we need to revisit. The key is to get a booth, because the place is loud, and the non-booth tables are packed waaaay too close together.  Especially avoid the two-tops at all costs.

We also need to hit the new-in-2010 Sidebar, next door to and owned by Jackie’s, about which we hear good things.


One response to “Revitalization of Jackie’s

  1. Me and Mr. WC went out to Jackie’s just a few weeks ago for dinner. Between the good food and the cool ambiance, it makes for a great special occasion dinner (I can’t only Wheaton get’s a similarly cool place sometime!). I totally agree that getting a booth is key.

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